Hıgh school


Middle School marks an exciting, challenging, and unique time of development in a child’s life. The primary goal of Middle School at IAS is to provide an environment that encourages the intellectual growth and emotional support that is specific to the needs of adolescents.

IAS staff members strive to inspire a love of learning while encouraging students to reach their full potential. Our Middle School staff are experts in their field and will assess and develop methods and lessons that are both engaging and relevant for the students in their courses.

IAS’s strong sense of community and low student-teacher ratio allows us the opportunity to have small instructional groups that provide a personalised learning journey for each student. Students will participate in core courses in English, Languages, Maths, Social Studies, Science, Physical Education, Arts and Islamic Studies. They will also have the opportunity to be involved in Robotics Classes or After School Academic Courses.

While there is high importance placed on academic excellence, students are strongly encouraged to discover their areas of interests and talents. A wide range of activities, arts, and athletic options exist for students, as do opportunities to participate in student council, community service, and various clubs. Middle school students, who are positively engaged in their communities and in pursuit of their interests, typically develop a sense of accomplishment and social confidence that is so vital at this age.