Nursery & kIndergarten

We pride ourselves on the outstanding level of care we provide. Our teachers are warm, loving, well-trained professionals who will treasure your child like their own! We believe in building loving, trusting relationships between the children, teachers and families. It is these relationships that make our school so special.

At nursery level, the quality of a toddler’s experience is determined simply by the presence of caring staff who observe and interact in a kind and gentle manner. IAS gives utmost importance to hygiene as well as a safe, engaging and nurturing environment for our toddlers during their daily interactions.

Scientific research has proven numerous times that early bilingualism and language acquisition allows children to use both the left and right lobes of the brain, which advances general conceptual and analytical skills. The best gift a parent can give a child is the chance to learn a foreign language from a young age. In our experience, we have seen how children can easily acquire new languages almost sub-consciously; they naturally speak the new language as if it were their mother tongue.

Our curriculum at the Kindergarten level encourages hands-on-activities which help develop fine motor skills and gross motor co-ordination. Learning is child centered and supported with teacher guidance. At IAS our children’s own love of exploration allows them to take the lead in their learning. Our staff are trained to distinguish the needs of each individual and are encouraged to engage in co-operative play with each one of our children. The classroom environments are made to minister the developmental age of children at each level.

Loving relationships give young children a sense of comfort, safety, confidence, and encouragement. They teach children how to form friendships, communicate emotions, and to deal with challenges. Our staff are specifically trained to be compassionate with our children and are emphasized to form strong bonds. This allows our children to develop trust, empathy, and a sense of right and wrong.