Principal’s message

Istanbul American Schools is an international school offering an exemplary learning environment from Early Learning to Year 12. We take our strength from the American curriculum with modifications designed to meet the needs of international students living in Istanbul, Turkey. With our highly qualified teaching staff, combined with the support of advanced information and communication technology, we welcome you to a centre of educational distinction.

At IAS, we value an educational experience that is not only limited to the academic field but one which considers this experience to be an opportunity that guarantees personal growth for our students in terms of becoming active community members and successful leaders of tomorrow.

We believe every student is unique and has innate talents that need recognition and cultivation. With its highly qualified staff, IAS will ensure to deliver a dynamic learning experience tailored for the needs of each student within the classroom, while ensuring to support this experience with extra-curricular activities beyond the classroom.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Istanbul American Schools.